CheeseSteak Challenge

For the past few months we have been making London Broil Cheese Steaks- they are very popular and everyone that tries them loves them. They are WAY BETTER than the bland street meat you find in the garbage trucks near the bars.

Because I never ever stop experimenting- and because a few people told me that they would like them prepared faster-(it takes time to cook and toast the bread)- and make an awesome London Broil Sandwich, I have come up with an even BETTER “steak sandwich”.

Of course I cannot tell you my secret recipe, how I prepare it, etc.

The new cheesesteak sandwich from  “Late Night Food”  tastes great and is faster. We will only toast the bread if you ask (saves time).

While everyone has expressed how much they love the toasted or panini pressed bread- many people would rather shave off the few minutes and be on their way- I completely understand.

We will use Roast Beef and London Broil as well as other beef “steaks” to make the new and improved late night cheese steaks.

YOUR FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT- We heard you when you said you want it faster.

Try one today, they are the best you can buy in Downtown Scranton, period.




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